We Janeites organized in our several Societies must number about ten thousand. And there are as well the thousands of readers who are not members. It is due to us that Jane Austen is today what she never dreamed of being: a best-seller. Seventh on the list. Still at No 7, as Joanna Trollope wittily remarked. Perhaps we can push her up to sixth or fifth place.

To end up, this titbit of news for the globe-trotters like Mrs. Aguilar and Miss Raffoul. If you happen to be in London in December, try and attend Evensong at Westminster Abbey on the 15th. The Service there is to be a ceremony in the Poet’s Corner with readings from the novels; and a bouquet will be placed beneath Jane Austen’s plaque.

Mr Patrick Dudgeon has written to Richard Knight, the President of the English Jane Austen Society to complain that we are never told anything about Dorothy Darnell, that nobody writes or lectures about her, and to suggest that Founder’s Day be instituted to remember and honour the person who had the bright idea and set the ball rolling.

Mr. Dudgeon also proposes a bit of research for some historian of literature. How many of the leading statesmen and citizens of the young American Republic were Janeites? He thinks that Jane Austen was a great favorite there by 1820.


  • To foster the appreciation and study of the life, work and times of Jane Austen and the Austen family (The English Jane Austen Society).
  • To organize seminars and lectures on the author’s works. On the 22nd of November 2000, Malvina Aparicio and Susana Biasi lectured on:”Social codes in times of the Regency, according to Jane Austen”
  • To publish papers of informed research in literary studies on those works, with a comparative emphasis, such as:
    • “The Perfect Match” (1998);
    • “Self-deception: Northhanger Abbey and Madame Bovary” (1999);
    • “The Epistolary novel in Jane Austen and Balzac” (2001);
    • “Dis-moi où tu habites… es lo que trasunta de la obra de Balzac, ¿Podría afirmarse otro tanto en un texto de Jane Austen?” (2003)”.
    All by Susana Zanetta and Nadine Aguilar.

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