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How to Get Rid of Back Fat

back fatBack fat is excess fat that develops on one’s lower back. It becomes highly visible when one wears tight or revealing clothing like swimwear. The problem with back fat is it increases one’s risk of developing health complications like high blood pressure, heart disease, constriction of blood vessels, colorectal cancer, and insulin resistance, according to the Harvard Health Publication. To avoid these medical conditions, you must get rid of this fat. Here are some great tips on how to get rid of back fat:


To get rid of back fat successfully, you must make changes to your diet. This includes replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods. Remember it is impossible to lose fat on your back if you are overweight/obese and putting on more weight. In general, ditch high-calorie, fatty, salty, and sugary foods/beverages. Take note this does not mean cutting fats, salt, and sugar out of your diet completely. For example, cook with monounsaturated fats such as olive oil and avoid saturated and trans fats found in fried foods and red meat. Healthy foods that you should include in your diet include whole grain past, brown rice, lots of fruits and vegetables, and nuts. At the same time, eat smaller portions.


back-exercisesExercise is one of the most effective ways of busting and reducing fat on your back and the rest of your body. Although you will come across exercise regimes and programs promoted by so-called weight loss experts online, you should not spend your money on them because most have no scientific foundation. Instead, engage in intense physical activity. A study carried out by researchers from Duke University Medical Center found that this approach (intense physical activity) produced the best results. Study participants who shunned intense physical exercises did not experience significant loss of waist and back fat. In contrast, the study’s participants who clocked anywhere from 17 to 20 miles of jogging per week experienced substantial fat loss. You do not have to restrict exercise to jogging alone. Choose a physical activity that you enjoy such as bicycling, swimming, aerobics, running, or contact sports like rugby. If you have been physically inactive, start slow and increase intensity over time. This will help you avoid developing injuries and improve your body’s endurance. Lifting weights will also help improve your body’s endurance and core strength.

Avoid stress

If you are stressed, you will struggle to lose fat on the back according to articles published by the Mayo Clinic as well as the journal Psychology Today. There are various reasons why this is so. A survey carried out by the American Psychological Association found that 40% of Americans overeat or eat unhealthy foods as a way of dealing with anxiety and stress. Expectedly, this leads to accumulation of excess fat in parts of the body such as the back. Secondly, stress causes people to stay awake at night worrying about issues such as finances or relationships. This interferes with the functioning of chemicals that control appetite (leptin and ghrelin). Moreover, lack of sleep reduces one’s ability to resist temptation according to Psychology Today. The good news is you can avoid stress by exercising, adopting Mindful Eating programs, or undertaking an activity you enjoy that is unrelated to food.

An overview of bra bulge and muffin top

bra-bulgeIt is impossible to talk about back fat without touching on bra bulge and muffin top. In simple terms, bra bulge is the name given to excess fat that develops and bulges out from underneath one’s bra, usually under the armpits. On the other hand, muffin top is excess fat that spills over the waistline when one wears tight fitting clothes.

The spot reduction myth

In an effort to combat/reduce bra bulge and muffin top, some self-proclaimed experts have come up with spot reduction exercises. The aim is to target a particular part of the body for weight loss. This does not work and the American Council on Exercise has gone as far as warning people not to fall for this trick. Instead, you should target fat accumulated over the entire body. An article published by the Harvard Medical School says exercise can help you lose excess fat around the waist and back. The rule of thumb is to engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity four-five days a week.

A word of caution

Avoid fat burning pills because most have not been approved by the FDA. In fact, some of these pills contain compounds banned by the FDA such as ephedrine and phenolphthalein (listed by the FDA as a suspected carcinogen). Side effects of taking these pills include heart attack, severe mood swings, seizures, psychosis, and insomnia.

In conclusion, to lose back fat, you would need to adopt a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and avoid stress and anxiety. In addition, do not fall for the spot reduction myth if you would like to get rid of muffin top or bra bulge. Finally, do not touch fat burning pills because they contain toxic and harmful compounds that could cause serious health complications.


Superfoods for Weight Loss

Superfoods for Weight LossCompromising on the taste front is not always necessary when trying to take the healthy route to losing weight. In fact, there are a ton of delicious foods that can help with dieting or weight loss. Basically, it comes down to consuming fewer calories than the amount burned. There are certain food items that help with shedding body weight, as they help you feel full for a longer period of time. And, there are some that spike up the metabolism. The following are some ideal superfoods for weight loss:

ApplesApples for Weight Loss

An apple every day not just keeps the doctor away, but also negates weight gain. People who took an apple prior to a pasta meal reportedly had fewer overall calories compared to people who had some other snack. In addition, the apple antioxidants help with preventing a condition called metabolic syndrome, which is identified by excess belly fat. Apples are perfect on-the-go-snacks that are low in calories. For an apple-based pie, a medium apple should be chopped up, which should be sprinkled with a half-teaspoon cinnamon and half teaspoon allspice. Once done, the preparation can be popped into the microwave.


Eggs for Weight LossEggs, yolks, and the likes sound healthy and nutritious, but not many realize that this incredible super food has the potential to help shed those excess pounds. They don’t harm the heart and help with trimming down the inches.

When it comes to eggs, scrambles and omelets are quite obvious and popular. But, if cooking prior to work is not possible, a frittata on a Sunday should do fine. The egg-based dish from Italy can be chilled and the slices nuked up to a week.


Oatmeal, especially the ones made from whole grains or the rolled or steel-cut ones, fills up the stomach and gets digested slowly. Oatmeal For Weight LossThis, as a result, leaves no option but to consume little food down the road. A morning oatmeal bowl has calories between 130 and 180, and is quite likely to keep one full until it’s time for lunch. The food is also high in fiber – up to five grams every serving. Instant oats, on the other hand, have three to four grams with every serving. Fat gets pulled by fiber via the digestive tract and prevents the absorption of some of the fat that’s being consumed.

Instead of breadcrumbs, oats can be added to meat loaf – usually a cup of breadcrumbs should suffice for a recipe that intends to serve eight.

Goji Berries – Superfoods for Weight Loss

Goji Berries For Weight LossThese tart, chewy berries have an advantage over other fruits when it comes down to hunger-curbing. The berries are enriched with 18 amino acids, which surprisingly make them a rich protein source. Some mid-afternoon goji berry snacking should help one remain satisfied till dinner.

Berries, bought from the health food stores, can be mixed with raisins and walnuts for a nutritious trail mix. For dessert, ¼ cup of boiling water should be poured into a bowl, with two tablespoons of dried berries. The mixture must be let to rest for 10 minutes. Post the waiting period, the blend should be drained, with half-a-cup of low-fat frozen vanilla yogurt spooned over.

Wild Salmon

Fish fats not just keep the heart healthy, but they shrink the waist, also. The fatty acids (Omega-3) enhance insulin sensitivity, Wild Salmon for Weight Losswhich helps with building muscle and decreasing belly fat. The more muscle an individual has, the more number of calories get burnt by the body. Wild salmon is the best pick from the family, as it has lesser pollutants. Definitely avoid farm-raised salmon; simply put this type of salmon is toxic.

As far as cooking salmon is concerned, there is not much that one needs to do to enhance the taste of salmon. Keeping things simple is the key here. The fillet should be seasoned with pepper and salt, and it must then be cooked on a hot pan with two-teaspoons oil added. The fish should be cooked on both the sides for one to three minutes each.


Pomegranates for Weight Loss The juice of the fruit is quite popular and manages to receive all the hype and positive noise for its health benefits. However, pomegranate seeds are not far behind and should also get their share of fame and spotlight. Besides being loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants and folate, they are high in fiber and low in calories. Thus, the fruit manages to satisfy one’s sweet tooth sans blowing up the diet.

The raw seeds can be popped in as a snack item; several grocery stores put these on sale pre-shucked. The seeds can also replace nuts used in salads.


Often, dietitians are seen referring to plain yogurt as the most perfect form of Plain Yogurt for Weight Lossfood, and there’s good reason to that. With the trifecta of protein, carbs and fat, it can avoid hunger by steadying the blood sugar levels. Plain low-fat yogurt can be used with potato or chicken salad instead of mayonnaise. Consequentially, one would end up saving fat worth 4.7 grams with every tablespoon.

Superfoods for weight loss is a terrific idea and in addition to weight loss, these remarkable foods will profoundly increase your health in the process.


Cinnamon and Honey Weight Loss

Cinnamon and Honey Weight LossHoney and cinnamon are both 100% natural products and carry numerous health benefits.  It is not surprising to find celebrities and average people alike are engaging in cinnamon and honey weight loss diets.  There is a lot of information out there regarding this. We’ve tried to get down to the nuts and bolts to help you decide if it is the right approach for you.

What is Cinnamon and Honey Weight Loss All About?

It seems almost overly simplistic that cinnamon and honey can shed pounds. Using only natural ingredients including cinnamon and honey, a tea is made and consumed twice per day.  Each of the ingredients provides benefits.  Honey will increase your metabolism, and burn body fat.  Cinnamon will stabilize your blood sugar levels, and prevent extra fat storage in your body.  These two ingredients together can cleanse toxins from your digestive tract, and suppress your appetite.  The drink can also increase your energy levels naturally.

You can make the tea with one cup of pure water, one teaspoon of cinnamon, and one tablespoon of honey.  For the best results, use Cinnamon and Honey Weight Loss Teaorganic products. After boiling the water, add the cinnamon.  Allow the liquid to cool, and add the honey.  Pretty simple stuff right?

Each recipe will make two servings.  Each morning and evening, drink half of the recipe.  You should have an empty stomach when you drink your cinnamon and honey tea.

Why This Method Receives Positive And Negative Press

Whenever new cleansing and weight loss methods become popular, they usually receive both negative and positive reviews.  The honey with cinnamon method is not an exception, and there are various reasons for the range in opinions.

First, any method that promises overnight results is treated with skepticism. And they should be. The fact is there is no method that provides rapid weight loss that is also permanent weight loss. There’s numerous ways that we can manipulate or trick our bodies to lose weight fast. But healthy, permanent weight loss requires patience and a long-term lifestyle change. You can lose weight with this tea, but keeping the weight off requires a healthy diet and exercise.

Second, reviews promoting it as a miracle product can lead to disappointment.  If a person expects to shed a large amount of weight within days, and not make any changes in his diet or exercise routine, he/she will certainly become disillusioned.

Third, positive press often emphasizes the fact that it is all-natural.  Considering the numbers of diet aids that contain chemicals or other harmful ingredients, the all-natural aspect of the tea is definitely beneficial.

Fourth, individuals often have different ways of looking at health trends that are promoted by celebrities.  Some see it as the ideal solution, while others are rather skeptical.  Simply because a well-known celebrity talks about a trend, it does not necessarily mean it is the best method for everyone.

Can It Work For You?

Can Cinnamon and Honey Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?A better approach is to ignore press and reviews and decide if a specific method is right for you. One point to consider is a tea made of cinnamon with honey is safe.  If you do not have any health issues that would make it unwise to use these products, you should not experience any health complications from drinking the tea.  In addition, there are no known drug interactions associated with the mixture.

A second point covers side effects.  If you use the tea as recommended, you are not likely to experience any serious side effects.  As long as you are not allergic to the products, and do not have high blood pressure, minor nausea is the only side effect associated with the tea and this is rare.

A third point is colon cleansing can contribute to weight loss.  When you drink the mixture twice daily, it can assist in flushing waste from your body.  When waste is allowed to accumulate in your intestines, it adds pounds to your overall body weight.  A colon cleanse will help these pounds disappear.

Colon cleansing is also useful to your overall health.  Bacteria, toxins, and even parasites can all be removed from your colon.  When your colon is free of these substances, your general health can be better.

While the method can work for you, and there are many benefits, think about your goals and expectations before you decide.  The tea alone will not bring miraculous results.  However, if you are willing to develop a health and fitness plan, have a balanced diet and exercise every day, this tea can do its part in helping you achieve your desired weight.  With a fitness plan, you can keep the weight off after you have lost it.

Why It Is A Good Option

When you want to lose weight, it is sensible to avoid diet aids with harmful ingredients and dangerous stimulants and diets that place extreme restrictions on the foods you can eat.  You do not want to harm your body for the sake of losing unwanted pounds.

In contrast, tea consisting of these ingredients is completely natural.  You can enjoy a variety of healthy foods while drinking the tea every day.  Rather than expecting overnight results, you can achieve results that will last.

From helping you lose weight to cleansing your colon, you can benefit from honey and cinnamon tea.


HCG for Weight Loss

HCG for Weight LossHuman chorionic gonadotropin (known as HCG) is a hormone that is present in females during pregnancy. In recent days, HCG has been directly linked to weight loss. Researchers have stated that by taking these HCG injections, which are said to be natural, an individual can reset his or her metabolism and begin to lose a considerable amount of weight. With a combined change in diet, the results become quite drastic. Individuals who have had success claim that with the use of the injections and a changed diet, an individual is capable of losing one pound a day and will never feel hungry, weak, or deprived of nutrients. The question becomes, is it safe to use HCG for weight loss? And, can someone use HCG for weight loss without injections?

The HCG system requires an individual to eat no more than five hundred calories a day for a duration of eight weeks. During this time, the individual should also be taking HCG. There are two options for how HCG may be taken: injections or using a homeopathic product. Injections are legal as long as they are administered by a trained health care professional. A homeopathic product would include oral HCG drops, HCG pellets, or HCG sprays. All of these products can be purchased over the counter at most stores; but are not FDA approved.

There have been a countless number of studies that have been conducted in order to determine if HCG for weight loss is an effective solution. Numerous research studies have indicated that not only is HCG not effective; but it is also considerably dangerous. This is evidenced by the fact that the FDA has not approved either the injections or the homeopathic products containing HCG; and the FDA has strongly encouraged companies to stop producing products with HCG because of the dangers associated with the product.

Calorie Restricted DietStudies have also shown that although individuals using this hormone for weight loss purposes are indeed losing weight, it is not because of the hormone that the weight is coming off. Eating a diet that is restricted to no more than five hundred to eight hundred calories for any length of time is going to produce weight loss; and even some drastic results depending on the starting weight of the individual. However, the use of the HCG hormone does not in any way assist an individual in his or her endeavor to lose weight. In the short term, it may seem that HCG works wonders because of the weight that is being lost due to the drastically reduced caloric intake. However, in the long run, the risks associated with HCG and such a reduced diet may severely impact an individual’s health.

Research studies have also found that the oral hormone drops utilized by a considerable number of individuals are not even capable of being digested by the human body. This means that the individuals using the oral HCG drops are not receiving any of the hormones, and are not being assisted with weight loss. This study also found that because the hormone drops are not being digested into the body, the extremely low caloric intake is sending the body into a true starvation mode, which eliminates any weight loss from occurring.

There are a number of pros and cons associated with using this natural hormone as a solution for weight loss. The pros include the potential for significant and potentially drastic weight loss; but only if the hormone injections are used since they are the only way the hormone is digested into the human body. The change in diet could be considered to be a pro because it requires the individual to actively be aware of what he or she is eating, how much of that food is being eaten, and why the food is being eaten. By simply changing the way individuals look at food as well as the quantity and quality of the food, the potential for weight decrease is virtually guaranteed.

Negative effects of severe calorie restrictionThe cons seem to far outweigh the pros of this hormone. The severe caloric restriction can have detrimental effects on the human body, such as formation of gallstones, irregular heartbeat, and an electrolyte imbalance that would make the body’s muscles and nerves unable to properly function. When using the hormone drops, the body will go into a true starvation mode. This is considerably dangerous for the human body; and an individual cannot maintain a lifestyle of starvation for any length of time. Individuals who have used this hormone reported new allergies to food after ceasing the hormone, significant hair loss, abdominal pain and bleeding, and an inability to adhere to the strict calorie requirements.

When determining if this hormone is a solution that is appropriate for you, it is crucial to consider all of the available research conducted by professionals in the field, the pros and cons of the hormone, and the type of product you use to obtain the hormone.


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